Have you ever been to a place that is filled with stunning sceneries and beautiful people? Have you ever tried the delicious and unique taste of food? Are you looking for a place that has a splendid attraction?

Welcome to Cebu! Cebu City is the Queen City of the South. It has been given this name because it has all the characteristics of a royal highness when you explore the wonders of the city. Get to know more about Cebu City Map and discover according to its district and barangays.

Cebu City is known for her beautiful and unique tourist spots and heritage places. This is the second largest Metropolitan in the Philippines. Metro Cebu includes the Cities of Carcar, Danao, Lapu-lapu, Manduae, Naga, and Talisay.

The following are some of the interesting facts about Cebu:

The People of Cebu

The people are called Cebuanos or Sugbuanons. They are known to be religious because Cebu opened the gate to Christianity during the Spanish regime (this is based on the history of Cebu). Until now, Christianity is still in practice of the major population.

The people are also talented; there are plenty of Cebuanos that are known around the world because of being artistic and creative. Cebuanos are known to be happy people. They laugh even in hard times and problems. The people have a strong fighting spirit; they do not easily give up.

Culture of Cebu

In Cebu, fiestas are always present. The people are getting used to celebrate fiestas. Fiesta is a religious festival (since Cebuanos are known to be religious, fiesta is already part of their lives). In Cebu, when celebrating fiesta, it is expected to be fun, colorful and has plenty of food. The people really spend time just to prepare for this event. The grandest of all these fiestas is the feast of the Catholic Patron, the Sto. Niño that is held annually every 3rd Sunday of January. This celebration lasts a month long with colorful and meaningful mini events.

Tourist Spots

Cebu is a perfect destination for tourists. Cebu is rich in white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and marine life. There are many forest reserves, mountains and hills, that are perfect for those who love forest trekking. Cebu is also rich in historical places that can suit the desires of those who are culture enthusiasts. Trying Cebu’s food delicacies will add to a remarkable experience. Cebu has wonderful places which one can enjoy. People are also hospitable. Explore and learn more about Cebu Tourist Destinations.

These are many information about the wonders of Cebu yet there are still plenty of things to discover about the City. Visit Cebu and experience the beauty of it.