Canyoneering has been very famous in south Cebu for both tourists and locals. It is an activity labeled to be “not for the faint-hearted” as it requires not just a strong body but a very strong will of the mind.

First jump in Alegria Canyoneering

The Badian Canyoneering became very popular because of the well-known Kawasan Falls because it is where this activity ends. The final jump will be at the 2nd level falls of Kawasan.

But as thrilling as the Badian Canyoneering, the Alegria Canyoneering tour also offers a great deal of adventure. It has safer paths but the thrill and exhilaration is still there.

At the tourist office, every guest who will undergo the canyoneering should write their complete name on the log and will be given a wristband which will serve as a tracker. Before proceeding to the activity, each wristband will be scanned to ensure each guest’s safety. After the canyoneering activity, the wristband will serve as a remembrance.

From the office, motorcycles will take the guests to the drop off area. The whole canyoneering adventure will require about 3-4 hours which includes trekking and jumping off waterfalls and rocks. The cool water is very relaxing that tiredness will never be felt while the trek is on going.

Beautiful canyons you can see while doing canyoneering


Back slide and 25″ jump in the right side of this canyon.


At the end of the canyoneering activity, the only way to go back to the top is to climb the stairs going up which is approximately 450+ steps. Though it sounds very nerve wracking, the whole adventure is truly an unforgettable one. At the end, it will always leave a longingness to do it again.