Kawasan Falls in Badian

About Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is located in Barangay Matutinao in Badian, Cebu. It is more or less 114 km away from Cebu City. It is secluded in the mountains that requires a hike of approximately 30 mins before seeing the first and major tier of the waterfall.

Amidst the peaceful town of Badian, Cebu lies a majestic waterfall that truly attracts the attention of every traveller. It is the Kawasan Falls. It is probably the most famous waterfall in the island as far as tourism is concerned.

It has multiple tiers that let its visitors choose where they wanted to dip in but all of which are magnificent. Its cascading fresh cool waters offer a relaxing and satisfying bath after a long walk. The picturesque sight is perfect not just for swimming but also for photo shoots. A picture with the beautiful waterfall at the background will be a pristine testimony of how a great holiday was spent.

Kawasan Falls 2nd Level
Kawasan Second Level Falls

Kawasan Falls Activities

What made this waterfall very famous is not just its magnificence but the adrenaline raising activity that is being offered there. It is the very popular canyoneering. It is an activity where one gets to jump in the waterfalls and swim through canyons. Many tourists love this activity but this is surely not for the faint hearted because a high level of courage is required to undergo such an exciting recreation. But if one’s budget does not suit the canyoneering activity, the second tier of the waterfalls is a great place for jumping unlimitedly.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

Helpful Tips for Kawasan Falls

  1. How to get there to Kasawasan Falls?
    • Bus – Go to South terminal Bus station and ask a bus going to Badian, Cebu. Taking a bus will take longer time.
    • Taxi – can be the fastest way to get their in Kawasan. Just choose a taxi that is new for you not to make some problem along the way.
    • Private Hired Transportation – If you’ve book a car this is a good way to go to Badian since they will assist you with your travel and luggages properly.
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