Strawberries are a famous product of La Trinidad, Benguet. They are being planted in the strawberry farm being maintained by the Benguet State University. This strawberry farm has become a very popular tourist attraction which made La Trinidad as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines.

Going to the strawberry farm in La Trinidad, Benguet is a challenge for people from the Visayas  because of its distance. That is why local farmers of Cebu decided to plant their very own strawberries making it possible for Cebuano locals and also tourists not spend that much money just to taste the delicious red fruit.

History of Cantipla Cebu Strawberry Farm

Early of 2017, the plantation in Dalaguete was opened. And just recently, the plantation in Cantipla, Cebu opened its doors for visitors.

The newly opened Strawberry de Cantipla Eco Farm houses almost 5,000 plants of strawberry right now and they are still planning to plant more. Their goal is to have at least 20,000 plants. Their seedlings came from La Trinidad, Benguet so the taste of the fruit doesn’t have that much difference.

Because of its short distance from the city proper (one hour drive only), going to the farm is very easy. It is also open from 8:00am until 6:00pm giving visitors an ample time to visit the place.

In this farm, one can experience picking strawberries and enjoying snacks and refreshments from the freshly picked fruits. They have a snack bar that serves fresh strawberry shake, strawberry burgers, strawberry pancake, banana split with fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream, etc. So hunger is never a concern in coming to this place.