Cebu Shuttle Rental

Looking for a Shuttle Van or any car for your trip here in Cebu? These are necessary if you're doing events and other business transactions on the Island. We can provide private vehicles and drivers for your daily or monthly requirements.

Type of Shuttles

  • Bus Shuttle Services
  • Van Shuttle Services
  • SUV Shuttle Services
  • Sedan Shuttle Services
  • Duration of Shuttle Requirements

    You can book the following option for your shuttle in Cebu.

  • 1 day Shuttle
  • 2 days Shuttle
  • 3 days Shuttle
  • 1 week Shuttle
  • 1 month Shuttle
  • Why us?

    Trustworthy Drivers

    Drivers are reliable, honest, and trustworthy.

    Reliable Cars

    Cars are well cleaned, sanitized, airconditioned, maintained properly, and with backups.


    • Carlo
      We were given the best rate and services for this company. Thank you for your reliable and trustworthy drivers.

    Book now!

    It will be better if you book ahead with us to prepare your shuttle. We will check the availability of our units and provide you the shuttle needed for your requirements.

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