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Badian is the third income municipality of the province of Cebu, Philippines. It has a population of 37,699 according to Census in 2010. It is located 98km (61mi) southwest of Cebu City. It has 29 barangays and the main barangay is called Poblacion. Badian has their hospital, marketplace and many other recreational activities for the locals and tourists like Canyoneering.

About Bandian (Kawasan Falls) Canyoneering

Cebu Badian Falls

Cebu Kawasan Falls in Badian

Canyoneering, according to the dictionary, is a kind of sport or recreational activity of hiking, walking, biking, or boating through canyons which requires the sport of descending very narrow canyons by rock climbing, rappelling, swimming, and waterfall jumping. It is also known as “canyoning”.

Though considered as a dangerous sport, many people still love to do canyoneering especially those that thirst for adrenaline rush. Accidents can happen like bumping to the rocks or drowning but when done with caution, the experience is truly a remarkable one.

Canyoneering in Badian – Kawasan Falls

At the South of Cebu, in the municipality of Badian, exists this very interesting sport that hunted the hearts of tourists both local and international especially those that love the outdoors and adventures. This is the very famous canyoneering in Badian.

Here are the step by step guide that you can follow:

Badian Kawasan FallsTo begin the activity, you will first be signing an “Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form”. This form releases the tour owner from any liabilities from any accident that may arise provided that the canyoneer follows

the rules and regulations set forth during the activity.

After signing the waiver, safety gears should be put on (helmet, life vest, and proper footwear like trekking shoes).

Then, take a motorcycle ride going to the jump off point at Poblacion, Algeria where the registration will also take place.

After the registration, you have to walk for about 10 minutes going to the Kanlaob river where the first jump will happen.
The rest of the trek will take place mostly in the water, jumping or swimming. It will be a great experience to appreciate nature because all throughout the activity, you will be witnessing beautiful sights like stunning rock formations and small caves. You can’t help but take pictures and selfies. You will be ending your trek at the first level of Kawasan Falls. You can enjoy a fresh water swim at the falls once you are done with the trek.

How to Get There

Cebu City - Badian MapFrom the airport, you need to ride a taxi going to the Cebu South Bus Terminal. This will take an hour or more and will cost you between P200.00 to P250.00 depending on the traffic situation and the time that you travel. Note that it will take your trip longer if you travel on rush hours (7:00-9:00 a.m., 11:00-12:00nn, 4:00-7:00 p.m.). So if you want a smooth ride, better travell early.

Board one of the Ceres buses with the sign that says, “Bato via Barili”. Never be confused with the buses that has a sign “Bato via Oslob” because that is the wrong bus. Bus trips are on an hourly schedule until 10:00 p.m. You can also choose between aircon and non-aircon buses. Non-aircon buses leave the earliest and has cheaper fares. Fare ranges from P130.00-P150.00. If you are a student with ID, then you can have a discount!

Once boarded, tell the driver or the “konduktor” (person collecting the fare) to drop you to where you’re supposed to, depending on the tour that you availed.

For private cars you can rent a Cebu Car rental which will cost you around Php3,500-4,500.00

If you are looking for affordable tour you can book to our Cebu Canyoneering Tour or Cebu Kawasan Falls Canyoneering.


  • Better book a tour package ahead of your trip so things would run smoothly and would not ruin your trip. Canyoneering alone costs at least P1,500.00 per person.
  • During the trek, always follow the guidelines (like wearing helmets and life vest all the time) to prevent accidents.
  • Bring your own potable water so you can always refuel.
  • Do not bring things that are not waterproof especially gadgets because they may get wet during the trek.
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary things that you will not need during the activity.
  • NEVER throw your trash everywhere, just keep it with you until you find a trash can.