Malapascua Island

Cebu Car Rentals - Cebu Mactan Airport to Maya or MalapascuaOne of the best island in Cebu Province that has many thing to offer. Few people live in Malapascua Island who work there to support beautiful resorts, cater divers and tourist in the Island. Visiting this island is perfect for relaxation and diving. There are many tourist that says this island is very small but we have a great time relaxing and memorable.

Best Date to go to Malapascua

The best date to got to Malapascua is in Summer but all year round is good for this island. Sometimes weather is not good during rainy seasons. Rainy seasons in the Philippines is between July to September but Malapascua Island is located in the Visayas which means only few time that this Island make rains in each month. Water is not a problem in Malapascua since there are some few deep wheel we’re they get some water in the Island.

How to Get there (Car Rentals – Malapascua Tour)

Since you know more about some few ideas about the island and I know you’re so exited to get there but how?

Here are some few ways to get there.

1. Rent a Car and he can drop and pick you up when you want to go and leave the Island. You can book in our Cebu Car Rentals.
2. Take a Bus Trip
3. Take a Malapascua Tour which include of diving packages with transportation.