Cebu Aguinid Waterfalls
Aguinid Waterfalls – Level 5

About Aguinid Waterfalls

The south of Cebu is very rich with breathtaking places like pristine beaches and alluring waterfalls. Almost every municipality has something amazing to offer. The municipality of Samboan is an example.

In the municipality of Samboan, there are three beautiful waterfalls: the Binalayan Falls, Aguinid Falls, and the Dao Falls. They are called the waterfalls trilogy of Samboan. Among the three waterfalls, Aguinid is the most famous.

Situated just an hour away from Kawasan Falls, Aguinid has since become a stop-over for tourists. The falls has many levels where you can trek.

The waterfall is connected to the Tangbo River. Its water is very rich in calcium which gave its bluish color and caused its water to be a little warm. Its rocks are also covered with calcium that is why they are not slippery.

Aguinid Falls Level and activities to do

Aguinid waterfalls have many levels with unique activities that you can do. This is one reason many of the tourists are attracted to it.

Level 0

The first to encounter when you will visit this fall is level 0

Aquinid falls 1 level of falls
Aguinid Falls Level 0

Level 1

Level one is where climbing at the waterfall is required. The climb is about 10-15 feet but it is not scary at all because the rocks are not slippery because of the alkaline and calcium that is richly present in the water.

Aquinid falls 2nd level of falls
Level 1 Aquinid Waterfalls

Level 2

Level 2 is an amazing rock climbing. Climbing this rock could be easy and fast because there is an attached rope and guide to bring to the top.

Aquinid falls 3rd level of falls
Level 2 Aquinid Waterfalls

Level 3

Level three is called the “massage station”. It is where one can have a relaxing massage from the flowing water.

Level 4

Aquinid falls 4th level of falls
Aguinid Falls – Level 4

Level Five

Level Five is where one can jump over the waterfall. It is only about 8 feet high and the water below is only about six feet deep.

Level Six

Getting to the highest level of the falls requires a great adventure. It also means getting wet during the trek because there will be climbing and wading through the waterfalls. The final tier is just a few steps away from the 6th level. Though it may not be as astounding in height as the others, its beauty is still proportionate as the other waterfalls. The water at the last level is only waist-deep but there’s no doubt that it’s very clean and fresh.

Cebu Aguinid Waterfalls
Aguinid Waterfalls Level 6

Aguinid Waterfalls Video