In addition to beautiful beaches and mountains, Cebu is also known as cradle of the best guitar makers in the country. Guitars from Cebu are famous to be durable, affordable, and carefully and cautiously devised.

Mactan Alegre Guitar

The guitar factories are located in Lapu-Lapu City in Mactan Island. These factories had become one of the tour stops.

One of the most famous guitar makers is the Alegre Guitar Factory. It is so far the most visited among all the other factories. It is located in Abuno, Lapu-lapu City and is owned and managed by Mr. Fernando M. Alegre. It is run by the Alegre clan and is known to be the pioneer in guitar-making.
Mactan Guitars Hand Made
Alegre guitars have world class quality that would definitely impress its buyers. Their products are curiously made because they are being shipped to other countries like Canada, Australia, United States and Japan. The prices of the guitars may be a little more expensive compared to other factories but the quality is truly exceptional because their products are made to last for decades.
Lapu Lapu Guitar Store
Since the factory had become one of the tour stops, guests, especially the music enthusiasts, can have an opportunity to stop by the workshop to witness an actual guitar making procedure. Display of guitars and other string instruments for sale are in a different showroom.

Examples of Alegre Guitars