Cebu Binalayan Falls

Within the quiet municipality of Samboan lies majestic spots that would truly captivate everyone’s heart. One of its gems are its magnificent waterfalls.

Binalayan Hidden Falls is one of the so-called Samboan Waterfall Trilogy. It is located just few minutes away from Aguinid Falls.

This waterfall is just very easy to find since there is a signboard along the highway that points to where the falls is located. Entrance fee will be located upon reaching the drop off point and a guide will be provided for each group of visitors. These guides are not paid so it is required to give them a little amount for their effort in accompanying tourists to the waterfalls.

Binalayan Falls – Early Stage of the Falls

Getting to the main falls requires a 20 minute trek. Along the trek, there are numerous coconuts that provide a shade on the road. There used to be cottages and comfort rooms along the way for tourists who wanted to take some rest and have picnics but the local government decided to remove them because of uncontrollable spreading of garbage all over the place. This sent an alarm to them since it will surely harm the nature. Since then, bringing of food and drinks to the waterfalls is strictly prohibited to maintain its purity.

Before reaching the main falls, there is a small stream with a tire swing and few benches alongside. A few meters from the swing is the first level of the falls. There is a staircase at the side of this level which leads to the main waterfall.

The main falls can be reached just a few steps away. Its magnificence will bring amazement to anyone who beholds it. The majestic Binalayan Hidden Waterfalls is one of a kind. It is approximately 60 feet tall with three distinct flows of water flowing down the steep mountain edge. Jumping from the waterfalls has been the main attraction of this place. Guides and other daring visitors jump in the waterfalls from different heights (the tallest of which is about 60 ft.).

Though very tall, the rocks are not slippery which makes it easy for visitors to climb and get a perfect angle for selfies. The water in the main basin is just 8 to 9 feet deep so it is not that dangerous to swim.