Tumalog Waterfalls
Tumalog Waterfalls, Oslob Cebu

Waterfalls Location

The Cebu Island is known to be very rich in natural attractions. Aside from industrialization, tourism is another fountainhead for the Island’s vast growing economy. An abounding number of natural tourist attractions have been discovered over the years and some still remain unexplored.

History of Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls (also called the “Toslob Falls” or “Mag-ambak Falls”) was discovered. It is situated in the town of Oslob, Cebu where the famous Whale Shark is also located. It is just about 20-30 minutes away from the whale-watching site. This immaculate nature attraction is truly breath-taking.

Though Tumalog Falls was only discovered recently, more and more visitors are coming to explore it. At the entrance, a natural pool will delight a visitor. Hundred year-old trees still grow in the area giving the place a truly primeval appeal. The falls itself provides a humbling impression as the down pouring of fresh water forms a cascading motion like a rainfall.

How to get to Tumalog Falls

Going to the falls will truly require an adventure as the road going there seems to be quite steep but the magnificence of the place can surely compensate the effort. The place is indeed a must-see especially for people who want to have a moment to commune with nature.