The Cebu City Tourism Commission is organized by the City Government as its implementing arm in the conceptualization and actualization of tourism related projects. It has also been commissioned control of application of licenses of tour agencies, operations, tour guides, hotels, restaurants and other related institution.


A responsive and effective body in showcasing Cebu as a tourist destination through its dynamic, innovative and relevant programs.


Stipulated in Ordinance No. 1068 Section 3 (General Purpose) and Section 4 (Specific functions and powers).


Ordinance No. 1068 states that:
Section 3 – General Purposes
To act as the implementing arm of the City Government in the achievement of policies and program for the development, promotion and supervision of tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, the Philippine Tourism Authority and other agencies, persons, or entities concerned with tourism; and
To promote to the development of areas with potential tourism value, otherwise known as “tourist zones”.
Section 4 – Specific Functions and Powers
In the furtherance of the aforestated purposes, and insofar as they do not encroach the powers and prerogatives of the Ministry of Tourism and the Philippine Tourism Authority, the Commission shall be charged and vested with the following functions and powers:

To undertake studies on natural tourism resources and potentialities of the City of Cebu;

To formulate a tourism development plan for the City of Cebu in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the Philippine Tourism Authority;

To coordinate with the Ministry of Tourism in the development of infrastructure requirements supporting a tourist zone;

In coordination with the City Planning Board and Department of Planning and Development, as well as other appropriate agencies to formulate and implement zoning regulations within a tourist zone;

In coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, to arrange for the preservation and/or restoration of city monuments, historical landmarks, and other tourist attractions;

To recommend to the City Mayor to engage or retain and pay for the services of any professional or technical assistance from the private sector;

To undertake fund raising campaigns such as cultural and benefit shows, etc. and to accept donations from any and all sources for city tourism development; and

To do any and all acts necessary, convenient or expedient to carry out the purposes for which the commission is created and which are not violative to any law.