If you're a tourist or new to Cebu this guide will help you make a way to Moalboal which is part of Cebu Island. Moalboal is located in the south of Cebu. Many local and foreign tourists say that this is one of the top diving spots of Cebu Island because of the beautiful marine life that is found in this location. There are many Moalboal dive spots that was explored and discovered by international divers and they make a record of this sites. This is the best reason why you need to visit this place and look for the beautiful marine life they have.

How to get there to Moalboal from Cebu City

There are many ways how to go to Moalboal. Each of them has its cost and way. The faster you want to get there, it might cost you a litlle bit higher. There are public and private transportations that you can use which we have listed below this post.
  1. Moalboal Package Tour - If you want to book a tour for Moalboal then you can get it here.
  2. Moalboal Van Rental - If you're staying in Moalboal for a longer days you can hire a Van to transport you to Moalboal.
  3. Moalboal GT Express - There are GT express that you can use publicly.
  4. Moalboal Series Bus- Bus is also consider when you want to go to Moalboal for a cheaper cost.
  5. Moalboal Car Rental - If you're only 2 persons then this can be better for you to rent a car.
Activities you can do here if you're interested to get here.

List of Activities in Moalboal

  1. Moalboal Island Hopping Day Tour - this tour will bring to the top highlight that you can snorkel which is the following (Pescador Island Corals and Marine life, Sardine Run and Turtles)
  2. Moalboal Dive Tour
Moalboal Road
Moalboal Map