Banilad to Mactan AirportBanilad are prominent place in Cebu. It is where many business and malls are located. It is close to Mactan Airport where you can drive it up to 15-20 mins. In this area you can find hotels, restaurant and a place to have a recreational activities. There are many and high quality housing in this area but it is quite expensive if you want to buy some.



Barangay Banilad got its name from Banilad Tree that abounds the area before the Spanish time and before it was developed as a barrio. Old folk gave different version of where it got its name. They believed that it came from the word “tilad”, a concoction of buyoleaf, a pinch of lime or apog power, 1/4 size of bungat nut and tobacco leaf, chewed as is believed to have therapeutic value. During the Spanish time it was called “Banilad Friar Lands”.


Location and Population

The total land area of the Barangay is two hundred sixty-four hectares (264 hec.) with more or less 12,000 population. The barangay has one Public Elementary School, two private and preparatory grade schools, three Day Care Centers and Banilad Night High school.