The place was originally the home of military men, the residents were not permanent. The place was first known as “Pangutana”. Since the place was the home of military and they were far from there families their wives always inquire on the whereabouts of their husbands. That is why it was named as “Pangutana”, a Cebuano term which means to “inquire on something.”


Later, the situation has changed. These wives wanted to be near to their husbands so the wives and their children migrated in Cebu and stayed near the camp. Their coming was noticeable as they arrived in hundreds. Thus the name “Apas” replaced the old name of the place. “Apas”, means “to catch up or to be near.” There are still portions of Barangay Apas that belongs to the property of the military. Now the military camp is known as Visayas Command.


Barangay Apas is in the North of Cebu. The residents in the place reaches about 35, 275. Barangay Apas has many establishments, in fact there are plenty of outsourcing companies that is arising in Apas.