About Apas

Apas is a place where most IT infrastructure and big condo units are located. The villagers before were army and it is where their camp were based. Nowadays this area we’re occupied by many descendants armies families and civilians. It is also consider one of the biggest tax provider for the Cebu City. One of the biggest establishment in this barangay is Marco Polo and there we’re other condos which were situated in different barangay as well. To learn more about these condos you can check these list that we have listed.

  1. Avida Towers
  2. Avida Towers Riala
  3. Calyx Centre
  4. Marco Polo Residence
  5. La Guardia Flats II
  6. One Oasis Cebu
  7. City Lights Garden
  8. Gran Residence Cebu
  9. The Sentinel
  10. Asia Premier Residences
  11. The Midpoint Residences
  12. Lot 8 Condominiums
  13. Myvan Cityscape Tower

Cebu IT Park Buildings

Apas Map

This map is for Barangay Apas, Cebu City, Philippines.


The place is safe and secure, this is one of the reason why many people love to stay in this area.