Badian Cebu

When looking for an adrenaline rising adventure, Badian Cebu is a perfect destination. It is the home of the famous “canyoneering” where one will get the chance to jump over waterfalls.Canyoneering in Badian HD 4k

Badian Geography

Badian is one of the municipalities located in South Cebu. It is a 3rd municipal income class municipality and has a population of 37,912. This municipality has a distance of 98 km southwest of Cebu city. It has a total land area of 107 sq. km. Its main barangay is Poblacion which is located in the center of the town and is the only urban and most populous barangay of Badian.

History of Badian Cebu

Long ago, the area was so abundant with a plant called “badyang” (or giant taro in English) and that is where it got its name. The Spaniards found it difficult to pronounce badyang so they decided to drop the “g” and change “y” to “i” making it “badian”.

Tourism in Badian

Badian, just like other towns in Cebu, is starting to soar as one of the tourist destinations. Since the opening of its tourist attractions, it has already gained its fame not just in the country but in the world as well.

Here are some of the tourist attractions that can be seen on Badian:

  1. Kawasan Falls – This must be the most popular tourist destination in Badian. Before, only the magnificent waterfalls attract the tourists but the local government has made some innovations. They then came up to the very famous “canyoneering”, a guided adventure that requires hiking, trekking, swimming, climbing, and jumping.

Kawasan Falls 2017

  1. Badian Island (Zaragosa) – Located in this island is the Badian Island Resort which was built since the early 80s. Its fascinating and crystal clear waters are its asset. The resort’s latest attraction is the Thalasso Pool Villas. It has its own private ionized seawater pool.
  2. The Mangroves – Just behind Barangay Poblacion, on the shore overlooking Badian Island are the mangroves growing in the sea waters. A gorgeous shot of the sunset can be perfectly captured in this area.
    Cebu International Golf Course and Resort – This area is located just five minutes away from the national highway. It has a total land area of about 8 hectares. The area stretches down to Lambug Beach. The golf course is an 18 hole par 72 course with superbly maintained and trimmed green grasses. A resort that offers a beautiful view of of the sea can also be found in the area. For those wanting to spend the night in this place, accommodations and villas are also available.
  3. Lambug Beach – Aside from the crystalline waters and pearly white sand, this place is a perfect place to stroll along and watch the picturesque sunset with no cost.