cebu sky divingIf you’re seeking for extreme adventure you can take Sky Diving that is offered by SKYDIVE GREATER CEBU SKYDIVING CENTER. According to their site they said that we we’re all thrill-seekers. They said that nothing beats the rush you get from throwing yourself out of a soaring plane. They said that If you’re anything like them, after your first jump, you’ll be hooked. If you’re interested in just a tandem jump then they can provide, or getting your solo cert we’re you want to be certified.

Skydive Greater Cebu is affiliated to Skydive Greater Kankakee, Illinois. Their Chief instructor is Brad Vancina a certified USPA Tandem, AFF instructor and S&TA (Safety and Training Advisor) with over 17,000 skydives on his belt (a lot of experience). Their drop zone is located at Santa Fe Airport, Santa Fe (Bantayan Island) or close by sandy beach, Bantayan Island, Cebu.

Skydive Cebu Mission

01. Your safety is their No. 1 concern

All our jumps meet the highest standards for safety. With a certified USPA Tandem instructor, uses the most modern equipment in the market today, have our planes and gear checked by a third-party inspector.

02. They guarantee that your jump with them will be the best experience of your life

When you go for a skydiving adventure at SKYDIVE GREATER CEBU SKYDIVING CENTER, you become part of our family. We want you to be happy with every part of the experience, from when you sign up to when you meet land again. It’s our goal to make sure every moment is the thrill of a lifetime.

03. You’re going test your limits

Skydiving is an extreme adventure, one that many people add to their “bucket lists.” When you take a jump with us, we’re helping you accomplish a goal — whether it’s overcoming a fear or taking an item off that list. We’ll help coach you to achieve your goal, but we’ll never pressure you to do something beyond your comfort zone. It’s safe to test your limits with us. We’ll keep you safe.