10000 roses cebu

Because of its magnificent beaches, fascinating waterfalls, scenic mountains, and beautiful islands, Cebu has earned its fame all over the globe.

Aside from these, a new attraction is starting to make its way to fame. It is the 10,000 Roses Cafe located in Day-as, Cordova, Lapu-Lapu City. From the soft opening of the cafe, many people are flocking the area to get the perfect and most romantic picture.

About the 10,000 Roses Cafe


Cebu Roses - 10000The 10,000 roses cafe is located at the end of Cordova Tourism Center, just right next to Lantaw Floating Restaurant. It is owned by Miguel Cho, an interior designer. He was inspired by the famous Dongdaenum Design Plaza in South Korea. His intention in putting up the cafe is to create a romantic ambience that would be perfect for couples, a place precise for a beginning of a happily ever after.

Aside from the sumptuous food in the cafe, the main attraction of the place is the 10,000 artificial LED roses that are “planted” in the open area of the facility. These roses of about 3 feet tall dance with the sea breeze in the day time and are transformed into magical lights in the night as they are lit at around 6pm every night.

The cafe itself has a viewing deck that can offer a completely amazing view of the Cebu Island, the sea, and of course, the flowers. It is a perfect spot for photographers to capture a marvelous picture of the whole area without them getting stuck in the crowd.

Going to the cafe was initially free. One can go to the place and take a handful of pictures even without dining at the cafe. But since a vast of visitors came and the crowd became uncontrollable, some of the roses got destroyed and need to be replaced and garbage were spotted being thrown in the sea. So the Cordova Tourism Office decided to charge a very minimal fee per visitor. It is an environmental fee to maintain the cleanliness of the area and to protect the water surrounding it.