Part of the destinations included in the Oslob Tour, apart from the famous Whale Shark encounter and visit to the Tumalog Falls, is a side trip to the Cuartel and Baluarte Ruins.

The Cuartel Ruins is now considered as one of the heritage sites in Cebu. This edifice was built by the Spaniards way back in 1860 during the Spanish era. It is made with thick coral stones which made the edifice so sturdy that it even withstood and remained firm amidst so many calamities like typhoon and earthquakes.  It is supposed to house the Spanish troops in Oslob but when the Americans arrived, the Spaniards fled away leaving the construction of the Cuartel to be unfinished.

Baluarte, on the other hand, is an ancient watch tower that was built in 1788. The main purpose for building this edifice is to help provide a safe place where the guards could monitor the neighboring area. The ruins now in Oslob was one of the seven towers that comprises the defense system. It included six other towers that were built along the coastline of Oslob. These towers were built just close by the Cuartel.

It is said that the defense system was so effective because the people of Oslob were able to repulse an enemy attack in 1815 and lived in peace ever since.

In June 2009, the rehabilitation of the areas commenced with the aid of the barangay officials in Oslob and other volunteers from other barangays. The purpose of the rehabilitation is to transform the area into a real heritage site.

Former governor of Cebu, Gwendolyn Garcia, said that the place should be given value because it is one of Cebu’s pride.

Today, tourists enjoy the site as one of the tourist destinations in Oslob. It is perfect for an Instagram worthy pictures as it has scenic view of the ocean also.