Cebu is best known for the most delicious lechon (roasted pig) in the country. Distinct blends were formulated by different companies to create their individual unique recipe. The controversy as to which one is the best is still a mystery.

One of the most famous lechon provider in Cebu is The House of Lechon Restaurant. It is located in Acacia Street, Cebu City, just few meters away from Ayala Mall. This restaurant opened its doors way back in 2015 and has since earned an award to be the number one Lechon Maker of the Year by Cebu’s Business Achievement and Recognition Awards.

The restaurant offers a relaxing ambience since it portrays a very Filipino touch. Most of their furnishings are made of native materials to achieve a natural look.

The House of Lechon specializes in serving Carcar’s version of roasted pig. They are also known for their very own version of spicy lechon. But lechon is not just the dish that is being served in this restaurant. There are other varieties as well. They also serve the usual Filipino favorite dishes and the famous Visayan cuisine. Among the dishes that they offer are humba, baked scallops, utan bisaya, sinigang na tangigue, kinilaw fiesta cebuana, chili cheese sticks, chicken tinola, etc. Not just the meal is sumptuous in this restaurant but also their dessert. They have a very colorful and attractive dessert table that would truly captivate one’s taste buds.

This restaurant is really a must visit place. The lechon of Cebu should not be missed because a visit to the island will never be complete without it.