Dining at the top of the mountain with the view of the whole city is truly a magical experience. That is the experience that the Top of Cebu Restaurant offers its guests.

Located at around 2,000 feet above sea level in the mountains of Busay, right beside the Tops Lookout, the Top of Cebu Restaurant boasts an undeniably great dining experience.

This restaurant is a part of the Pages Group of Companies that also owns the Lantaw Restaurant, Thirsty Juices and Shakes, Mooon Cafe, Shaka, and others. The company itself is already known for its good reputation when it comes to food business.

Aside from the magnificent view of the entire city, this restaurant also offers a wide variety of delectable dishes. Offering both Filipino and International dishes, it surely will give its customers a diversity of food choices. Menus in the restaurant are carefully and meticulously prepared by Executive Chef Kairos Joseph Alo who made the classic Cebuano taste with a twist like no one has ever tasted before.

Dining in this restaurant during daytime will let one enjoy the cool breeze of the mountains and the city view. But the scene will eventually turn magical as the sun starts to set and the city lights start to conquer the night sky. With the stars above and the city lights at the background, an ordinary dinner will turn into a romantic one.