Moalboal is a famous town in the outskirts of Cebu Island. It is located in the southwestern tip of the mainland Cebu. It is a peninsula and has a very rich marine life that sustains tourism in the whole town.

Due to Moalboal’s richness in marine life, one of the main activities in the town is diving. Visitors from different places, both local and abroad, flock the town to experience an adventure of a lifetime that only in Moalboal can be experienced.

Moalboal Dive Expectation

There are lots of things to expect when diving in Moalboal. Here are some of the things to experience:
The main feature of the dive are the beautiful and magnificent corals with fishes of all shapes and colors. Moalboal is a protected sanctuary so the fishes and all other sea creatures can live freely in the unspoiled and untouched coral reefs. Commercial fishing is not allowed in the area so it is a guarantee that the sea creatures are not being harmed. The Pescador Island, the lone island of the town, also offers an amazing underwater encounter.
The very famous sardine run or school of fishes can also be witnessed in the waters of Moalboal.
Aside from the hundreds of thousands of fishes, there are also thresher sharks that can be of sight occasionally.
Sea turtles are also among the highlights. These creatures can be seen occasionally as well especially early in the morning while they feed from some fishes.
There are also infrequent sightings of dolphins especially during an early morning dive.

Moalboal Dive Partners

When planning to dive in Moalboal, here are some of the dive shops available in the area that can be of great help especially for beginners:
Seaquest Dive Center
Savedra Dive Center
Cebu Dive Center
Cebu Fun Divers
Ocean Globe Diving Shop
The Blue Abyss Dive Shop
Kasai Village Dive Academy
Freediving Planet
Kiss Diving Moalboal