Cebu Pension house if the most affordable and better than any hotels available in Cebu City.

About Cebu Pension House

Pension house is a type of guest house or boarding house. In Europe this is the typical term used. Pension house is used in North Africa, Middle East, South America, Brazil and Paraguay. It is also use in Asia like Japan, South Korea and Philippines.

In the United States usually accommodation there are offering bed and breakfast but pensions offers not only breakfast but it includes lunch and dinner. Nowadays guest we’re customizing stay to select only a breakfast as they stay in a Pension.

Travelers prefer to stay in Pension especially if they had plan to stay longer during their travel because it is generally cheaper than any other lodgings such as hotels.

Cebu City Pension House

There are many pension house in Cebu City. Pension house in Cebu City are place to different location and we have created this listings to help you identify where will you book your stay during your travel. This will give you easier access to where will you go especially if you have appointments or tours to attend to.

List of Pension House in Cebu City

1. Jacinta Pension House

2. Fuente Pension House

3. New Era Pension House

4. Cebu Pacific Pensionne

5. Cebu Alto Pension House

6. East Capitol Pensionne

7. NS Royal Pensionne

8. Shamrock Pension House

9. Verbena Hotel