Cebu is composed of not just one island but many islands, the mainland Cebu and its surrounding islands. These islands are filled with stunning and breathtaking gems that attracts visitors from near and far.

Moalboal Girls

Since Cebu is composed of many islands, island hopping is among the best adventures one can have during their visit to Cebu. Visiting these amazing islands is considered to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Top 5 island hopping activities in Cebu:

Mactan to Nalusuan, Caohagan and Gilutungan Islands

This destination will start at Cordova, Mactan. The boat ride will then proceed to Nalusuan Island for snorkeling and lunch at the lone restaurant in the island. The next destinations will be Gilutungan Island where a marine sanctuary is located. Still snorkeling is the best activity here. Caohagan has its own white sand beach where you can relax and enjoy its beauty.

Oslob to Sumilon Island

Oslob is well known for the famous whale sharks. A side trip to Sumilon Island after the whale shark encounter would be worth a try. The main attraction in the island is the magnificent sandbar and the crystalline waters.

Moalboal to Pescador Island

A great way to escape the noise of the city is to relax in the serene beaches of Moalboal and have a unique experience snorkeling or diving with hundreds of thousands of sardines. The Moalboal-Pescador Island hopping will let one witness the undeniably fascinating underwater gems like corals, fishes and other sea creatures.

Cebu to Bantayan and Virgin Islands

Though may take a long ride, getting to Bantayan Island is always a treat. Witnessing the sunset at Virgin Island, watching the sun slowly goes down the horizon is truly an amazing experience.

Badian to Zaragosa Island

After the adrenaline rising adventure of canyoneering, one can relax by going to Zaragosa Island. Beautiful white sand beach, crystal clear water, and peace are its pride.